About Us
We deliver mould-breaking ideas that brands need to flourish. Working with a broad range of business sectors, our passion is connecting with target audiences through smart, accessible web, print, and graphic design. Our professional photography and copywriting services complete your brand story.

We pride ourselves on working with businesses of all shapes and sizes.   From small to medium-sized companies in our local Trent Hills area, to large corporate clients based in Toronto, New York and beyond – we do it all!

Projects both large and small are approached with creativity and innovation, with the ultimate goal of creating value.  We offer full branding services including in-depth consultation and conceptualization, world-class logo, print and web design, as well as professional photography, persuasive copywriting and marketing strategy.

In additional to full branding services, our à la carte menu includes:

  • Harness the power of print and grow your business.  We create eye-catching and persuasive print ads to showcase your business, service or event.

  • Professional and personalized photography for both web and print gives your business credibility and competitive advantage.  Portrait and family shots capture moments in time and create lasting memories.

  • Functional, impactful brochure design and copywriting aimed at your target market provides tangible marketing collateral outlining your key messaging and unique offering.

  • Create a buzz for your next event with a professional designed poster employing creative elements to engage your audience.  Layout, typography, graphic elements, colour palette are carefully chosen to reflect your message.

  • A well-developed web and digital strategy is critical for any business.  We provide creative, professional web and social media design, as well as copywriting and content development.

Meet The Principal

Rawle Johnson

A true artist who knows how to push pixels! Originally from a fine arts background, Rawle has over twenty-five years in the Graphic Design field creating top-notch design for both web and print. Principles of colour theory, typography, scale, and balance are among the elements Rawle brings to his designs — ensuring emotional connection with your target audience.

Lea Phillips

With over twenty years’ sales and marketing experience, Lea is adept at the art of persuasion. Always working with a strategic focus, she develops compelling business stories with results-driven messaging for both web and print. As Project Manager, she also oversees the workflow at RJC, ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget and within scope.



Graphic Design is at the core of what we do. We want our design to make you look good and make your audience happy. No detail is too small to be carefully executed and the big picture is never too big to be improved. Good design is good business!



We combine strategic insight, user information, analytical data and good old common sense to create engaging user experiences. With research and prototyping, we design simple yet elegant interfaces that deepen users engagement in your brand.



The need to hold something tangible will never fade. Our team uses a mixture of design disciplines to create a wide variety of beautiful print, packaging and marketing materials. We are passionate about finding simple solutions to complex challenges and aim to deliver beautifully crafted work.



We craft meaningful digital experiences. We have a history of designing commercial and corporate websites, e-commerce websites, marketing collateral  and just about anything that demands creative strategizing and flawless production.

Print Design